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Free Driver Scout FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the answers to the most frequently asked questions in regards to Free Driver Scout. Simply click on the question that best matches your question and the answer will appear underneath.

What are the system requirements for Free Driver Scout?
Intel 1 GHz processor
512 MB RAM
50 MB hard drive space
Internet connection for updates
XP / Vista / Windows® 7 / Windows® 8
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
Is Free Driver Scout 100% free of charge?
Yes! You can use Free Driver Scout without any restrictions and time limits - No hidden costs
How do I uninstall Free Driver Scout?

Uninstall Free Driver Scout using Windows® 8:

Click on the home screen > right of screen > Control Panel > Programs or Programs and Features > Select Free Driver Scout from the list > Click "Uninstall" OR: Click on the home screen > Select the Free Driver Scout Tile > Right click > click "Uninstall" in the menu at the bottom of the screen.

Uninstall Free Driver Scout using Windows® 7 and Vista:

Click on Start > Control Panel > Programs or Programs and Features > choose Free Driver Scout from the list of installed programs > "Uninstall"

Uninstall Free Driver Scout using Windows® XP:

Click on Start > Control Panel > Software > then choose Free Driver Scout from the list of installed programs > "Uninstall"

How can I change the Free Driver Scout language setting?
Free Driver Scout is currently available in English and German; other languages to follow. To change the language settings on the Start screen on the small gear icon in the top right corner> Settings> Change language.
Why can't I just find the updates for my driver myself?
Of course you can also search for and download driver updates yourself. Remember, however, that this can be very time-consuming and you will therefore run the risk of not installing the latest updates. As a result, devices may no longer work as well as usual or your system may become noticeably slower.
Why should I update my drivers and use Free Driver Scout?
Old and faulty drivers may cause blue screen crashes and other errors that prevent your hardware from working properly, slow down your internet access and computer restarts and generally slow down your computer's performance. Hardware manufacturers regularly update their drivers - often to fix bugs and improve stability and performance. Free Driver Scout scans your computer, finds old drivers and creates a list of available updates you can use to choose which you would like Free Driver Scout to download and install for you.
I regularly use the Windows Update. Is this sufficient?
No, because the Windows Update only updates your Windows installation and not the major driver for the motherboard, Bluetooth, graphics card, Ethernet etc.
Which drivers are supported by Free Driver Scout?

Free Driver Scout not only updates graphics card drivers, but also:

  • Printer drivers
  • USB drivers (USB stick drivers & drivers for USB hard drives)
  • Network card drivers (and network controller drivers)
  • Hard disk drivers (even drivers for external hard drives and Raid controller driver)
  • Monitor drivers
  • Web cam drivers
  • Sound card drivers (and other audio drivers)
  • Drivers for CD, DVD and Blu-ray drives
  • TV card drivers
  • Keyboard drivers
  • Motherboard drivers
  • Mouse drivers
  • SCSI drivers
  • Bluetooth drivers
  • Modem drivers
  • Drivers for mobile phones
  • Wi-Fi drivers
  • Digital camera drivers
  • Scanner drivers
  • etc.
Can I use my computer during the update?
We recommend that you close all other programs during the driver update and do not use your computer during the update. Otherwise, this may result in problems with installed programs or hardware.
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